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Texas MUST lead on border solutions that are legal, protect women and children, and strengthen our economy. As your U.S. Senator, I will seek reform to an unjust immigration system that demonizes the people that are an engine of our economy. We all want safe and secure border communities, but there is a smart way forward that works – without the cruelty and inhumanity.


It’s time we heard the truth. Our country has 30 million job vacancies that Americans will not take. An increase of workers will put the U.S. economy on steroids and safeguard our social security program for the next 100 years. 


I represent over 300 miles of Texas border communities, I’m an immigration lawyer, and like so many Texans, I was blessed to have parents who made the decision to immigrate to Texas. I know how hard immigrants are willing to work for this country and for their families when given the chance. I also know why this system is broken and how to get it fixed.


"Ya basta. If Texans entrust me to represent them in the United States Senate, we will get this done." - Senator Roland Gutierrez


Congress has failed to act, mostly because Ted Cruz and MAGA Republicans prefer chaos at the border to score political points. Republicans talk tough and light billions of taxpayer dollars on fire with no results. The Republican playbook is no solution at all – stealing private property from Texas ranchers for Trump’s wall that won’t work, looking the other way as American-made AR-15s arm the drug cartels, and deploying razor wire and buoys with buzzsaws to maim and drown women and children. It’s a scam on the American people.


Here is Roland Gutierrez’s five point plan to secure our borders and meet the needs of our economy:

  1. A pathway to normalcy for undocumented workers
  2. Justice for DREAMers
  3. A new work program for arriving migrants
  4. Fix and streamline dysfunctional visa programs
  5. End human trafficking and stop drug cartels 


The Gutierrez immigration plan is about fixing our jobs challenge, treating people with respect, and cracking down on dangerous cartels. That’s why we acknowledge the vast majority of people coming to this country are job-seekers. By focusing on the root problem of migration and reconstructing the systematic processing of arriving immigrants, we decrease illegal migration into the United States, de-escalate tension and violence at the border and meet the needs of the labor market. 


Blanket deportation and increased militarization at the border has little impact in decreasing legal or illegal migration into our country. We can be smart and provide solutions that help the Texas economy work for everyone.”


Let’s call it like it is, while Republicans keep our economy in peril, Democrats are frankly scared of immigration politics. Congress does nothing and the voices of border communities who know the challenge up close are ignored. Ya basta. If Texans entrust me to represent them in the United States Senate, we will get this done. 

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