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Education made me. I am wholly a product of the education I received from my parents and my schools. I want that same opportunity for every child in Texas and this country. That’s why I’ve fought in the state legislature to increase teacher pay, lower class sizes, and stop private school vouchers. 


Ted Cruz wants to take your taxpayer dollars away from neighborhood public schools to fund private schools. Let’s be honest, private school vouchers are a scam. In Ted Cruz’ education system rural schools are gutted and the wealthy get a taxpayer-funded coupon for private school. That’s not fair, it’s a failed policy, and it will do nothing to build a healthy, well-educated, and vibrant workforce. 


  • Early childhood education investment – In my hometown of San Antonio, we’ve successfully implemented a free universal pre-k program, which levels the playing field and better prepares kids for the rest of their education. Every child in this country should have that option, too. Kids also shouldn’t have to go to school hungry. By adopting universal school meals, Congress can eradicate school lunch debt and make sure every kid has the tools they need to learn.


  • Lower the Cost of Higher Education – College shouldn’t be so damn expensive. Education can’t be the great equalizer if not all young people can afford it. I will fight to lower tuition costs for those who want to continue their education after high school and provide meaningful student debt relief to those who have already graduated. We also have to build better on-ramps to high-quality jobs for people who choose to enter the workforce instead of pursuing higher education.

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