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Energy and the Environment

I worry every day about the environmental legacy that my generation has left for my daughters–and for the dangerous costs and pain of the climate crisis that we’re already starting to experience today. Our temperatures have escalated to near-record highs, with little rain or relief. It has affected our energy bills, our small businesses, and our collective health. This is just a small precursor in what could happen in the next fifty years if we fail to act. 

Congress must focus on binational agreements to lower the amount of greenhouse gasses consumed globally. The federal government must also incentivize the robust renewable industry that provides both jobs and millions of dollars to farmers, ranchers, and local governments in Texas’ rural communities. We also must consider streamlining regulation of nuclear power to provide additional power to the grid. Texas is an oil and gas state, but with real leadership it could become an energy center of the world.

We also have to get smarter on water resource management. Water is a big issue in the West Texas district I represented in the Texas Senate, but it impacts all of us. The rivers and aquifers that make up our water system don’t recognize city or state lines; actions taken upstream inevitably have consequences downstream. We need a federal response to this complex issue before it’s too late. As the climate crisis worsens extreme weather events like heat waves, wildfires, and droughts, managing our natural resources will be necessary to prevent catastrophic natural disasters.  

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