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Access to affordable healthcare is a human right that Texas has denied to too many for too long. Enough is enough, I believe in Medicare for all who want it. In 2021, our country spent 18.3 percent of GDP on health care, far exceeding other industrialized nations with projections of nearly 20 percent by 2030. Despite the amount spent on healthcare, America has one of the highest rates of preventable deaths under the age of 75 compared to other industrialized nations. We are spending more money than any other country on a broken medical system that leaves millions indebted, sick, and dead before their time.


You can count on me to fight for more affordable, more accessible health care as your United States Senator. 


  • Eliminate the ability of “rogue governors” to decline Medicaid expansionWith one of the highest uninsured rates in the country and a child uninsured rate more than double the national average, Texas should have been the first state to opt into Medicaid expansion. Instead, our tax dollars subsidize the billions in federal funds that expansion states have received while we get none of the benefits. We lose economic opportunities and face disastrous health outcomes because the leaders of our state would rather play politics than govern. I am an ardent supporter of Medicaid expansion and will work as your U.S. Senator to expand access to affordable care for all, reign in rogue governors like Greg Abbott that withhold critical healthcare from Texans, and continue lowering prescription drug prices. 


  • Fund Texas Communities and Invest in New Doctors and Hospitals – Affordable insurance coverage only gets you so far. Texas faces a significant provider shortage, and rural hospitals are closing or cutting services all across the state. The communities facing the most extreme shortages are already the most underserved, worsening existing health disparities. Congress must increase the number of federally funded residency positions, make direct investments in rural hospitals, and improve the work visa process for immigrant doctors and nurses. 


  • Families First Health Care Programs –Lowering healthcare costs and investing in people, not big corporations, is how we grow our middle class. Texans shouldn’t have to choose between taking care of their family’s health and going bankrupt. Paid sick days and paid parental leave are instrumental to putting our economy on steroids while helping working families thrive. 

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