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Helping Working Families/Economy

If the economy only works for those at the very top, then it’s not working at all. Texans are struggling to make ends meet, and those concerns are met with silence from Ted Cruz . 


I’m committed to further bringing down inflation, creating new high-paying jobs, and preventing the corporate price gouging that has kept prices high–and executives’ pockets lined–even as inflation has started to decline.


  • Supporting Small Businesses – As a small business owner, I know local economies are the foundation of our country’s economy.  I am a lawyer, a home builder, and a former restaurant owner. The most important issue for small businesses in America is access to capital. We can all point to people we grew up with that had the work ethic and the ideas to make it in business. They only lacked the initial start-up funds to make their dreams a reality. We must modernize and incentivize SBA loan policies to ensure that the next class of American innovators can get the capital they require to fuel their businesses and our economy.


  • Grow the Middle Class – We must renew our commitment to growing the middle class and building an economy that works for everyone. You shouldn’t have to be a millionaire to buy a house or save for retirement. A year of childcare shouldn’t cost nearly as much as a year of in-state tuition at a Texas public university–and neither should be so expensive that families go into debt to afford it. I’m committed to increasing the federal minimum wage, fighting for your right to join a union, and making paid family and medical leave accessible to all Texans.

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