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Reproductive Freedom

Texans should be able to make their own decisions about their bodies, health, and futures. No government or politician should come in-between a person and their doctor. Texas has the most extreme abortion ban, with no exception for the mother’s life, rape or incest.

We must do everything we can to regain what has been lost with the Supreme Court’s politically-motivated overturning of Roe v. Wade. Congress must consider all options to restore reproductive rights.


I will fight to restore reproductive freedom and justice as your U.S. Senator, and I won’t let the filibuster or a partisan court get in the way.


  • Codify a Right to obtain an Abortion – Congress should enact national legislation that allows every  woman in every state to have unfettered access to abortion. Federal legislation that would protect abortion access for all women to obtain a safe and legal abortion regardless of where they live in the United States of America.


  • Repeal the Hyde Amendment – Every woman regardless of socio-economic circumstance should have  access to a safe and legal abortion.  The United States has one of the highest rates of unintended pregnancy in the whole industrialized world. We owe it to all women, regardless of financial circumstance, the freedom to choose.


  • Stop Abortion Prosecution – In Texas and across the South, women are being jailed for their pregnancy outcomes. We must stop efforts to prosecute abortion seekers.  I believe that codifying a federal right to abortion using the commerce clause or other authority will protect women. If there is no Amendment that protects the right to seek and obtain an abortion, then sometime in the future under a different congress or with a federal judiciary that is even more hostile to reproductive freedom, we will be back where we started. Now is the time to consider all options no matter how difficult or unlikely to occur.


  • Protect Abortion Rights From Anti-Abortion Litigation – Congress has the power to strip federal courts of jurisdiction to hear a class of cases, including those involved in reproductive freedom. Indeed, Congress has even eliminated a court’s jurisdiction to review a particular case in the midst of litigation.  We must consider curtailing the federal judiciary’s powers to review abortion-related cases and issue injunctions based on incomplete court records.


Abolish Federal Funding of Anti-Abortion Centers – As abortion rights have dwindled in our country, we’ve seen an exponential growth of anti-abortion centers that prey on women seeking abortion and healthcare through the guise of unlicensed medical professionals and inaccurate medical information. In Congress, I will fight to bar federal funding for predatory crisis pregnancy centers.

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