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A Woman and Two Children Drown on Greg Abbott’s Orders

For Immediate Release: January 13, 2024

TEXAS – Today, Roland Gutierrez released a statement in response to Border Patrol reports of migrant deaths in Eagle Pass. Customs and Border Patrol agents made attempts to save lives, requests that were denied by the Texas Military Department and Texas National Guard following Governor Greg Abbott’s orders to forcibly seize Shelby Park from Eagle Pass residents.

State Senator Roland Gutierrez said:

“What is happening along our border is absolutely abhorrent. Greg Abbott orders his officers to stand by and watch migrants die and deny Border Patrol Agents access to save lives.”

“Just days ago, a tape recording of Greg Abbott indicated he’d have migrants shot and killed on the border if only the Biden Administration wouldn’t prosecute him for murder.”

We are living in a broken state, a personal hell brought to you by Texas Republicans whose solution is to let people die rather than fix the systems that are supposed to keep us safe. Greg Abbott, Ted Cruz, and every single elected Republican that uses Border antics to fuel fascism must be held accountable.”

Greg Abbott granted orders this week to force Customs and Border Patrol out of Shelby Park, the state’s seized park that houses Texas Trooper operations in Eagle Pass.

Abbott’s Operation Lone Star has been central to the increase of migrant deaths along the border. Cruel and inhumane orders that have targeted women for arrests, ordered troopers to push children into the river, and laid deadly traps on the Rio Grande to the death of a migrant toddler who died on Texas-sponsored buses of asylum seekers to Democratic-led cities.