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New Poll Shows Majority of Voters Want Candidates That Will ‘Restore Order To The Border’

For Immediate Release: December 5, 2024

MCALLEN, TEXAS – A new poll released by National Immigration Forum indicates immigration and border policies will be a top issue for voters in 2024. 

“Texas must lead on border solutions. Chaos in Washington, D.C. and the Texas border have exhausted our immigration system,” said Roland Gutierrez, immigration lawyer, border State Senator, and Candidate for U.S. Senate. “Razor wire, lethal buoys, and the Trump wall are not serious solutions for a broken immigration system. Republicans would have you believe that migrants are responsible for every problem your family faces.That scam on Texans has gone on for far too long. I released a comprehensive border security and immigration plan, because I know what our communities are going through and how to fix it. As Texas’ next U.S. Senator, I’m going to cut through the political nonsense and get the job done.”

The poll found that 92% of Democrats and 86% of Republicans support candidates that put forward efforts to reform immigration and border policies that include solutions to address labor shortages, inflation, and protect undocumented working migrants. 

Senator Gutierrez is an immigration lawyer from South Texas and has represented over 400 miles of the Texas-Mexico border in his State Senate district. Earlier this fall, Senator Gutierrez released a five-point immigration plan that would address the heavy burden of Texas’ broken border:  

  1. Stop Drug Cartels and Human Trafficking
  2. Fix and streamline dysfunctional visa program
  3. New work program for arriving migrants
  4. Justice for DREAMers
  5. Pathway to normalcy for undocumented workers

Gutierrez’s primary opponent, U.S. Representative Colin Allred, has praised ineffective border policies like Trump’s border wall as “necessary.”  

In a recent interview with NBC 5,  Allred doubled down his support of the border wall with Mexico, at odds with a previous statement that his generation will be the one that tears the wall down.

“The Democratic nominee that goes up against Ted Cruz should fight tooth and nail against Trump’s dangerous so-called policies. If our nominee agrees with Trump and Ted Cruz’s idea of border security then we’re in a hell of a lot of trouble,” said Sen. Gutierrez.