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Labor Debate is First of Five, Major Televised Debates Scheduled in February

For Immediate Release: January 28, 2024

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Candidate for the U.S. Senate Roland Gutierrez joined the Texas AFL-CIO labor debate Sunday afternoon. Gutierrez made the case as to why he is the best candidate for Democrats to elect to defeat Ted Cruz.

“I’m the son of immigrants, my father taught me to work hard and to exhaust yourself in what you are doing,” said Roland Gutierrez, underdog contender for the U.S. Senate.

“This election is about trust and it is about pain. Those families in Uvalde, all the pain they have faced. The pain of a woman who can no longer make reproductive decisions for herself in Texas. The high cost of healthcare, lack of job opportunities, and college affordability. It’s about broken systems and broken grids, because everything in this state is broken.”

Gutierrez, an unabashed progressive, criticized his primary opponent for sponsoring a resolution spreading false narratives about the Biden administration and supporting Trump’s border wall.

“We don’t need to have Democrats throwing our President under the bus. We don’t need to adopt Trump and Cruz’s causes. We don’t need to build walls. We need comprehensive immigration reform.”

In three weeks, Democratic voters will cast their ballots in the U.S. Senate Primary.

“We need to change this world and we need to change this country. No amount of Republican pandering is going to have us win the day come November. We have to do everything in our power.”

Roland Gutierrez is the State Senator that represents Uvalde, Texas. He flipped his senate district from red to blue in 2020.