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Gutierrez: “We’ve got to fight like hell for our democracy.”

For Immediate Release: January 16, 2024

DALLAS, TEXAS – Roland Gutierrez’s Campaign for the U.S. Senate stopped in the Dallas area this weekend, completing the first week of a 4,500 mile, 25 day tour of Texas.

Roland Gutierrez, the Uvalde State Senator who exposed the coverup behind the Robb Elementary shooting, spoke at a DALLAS forum on gun violence. 

“I saw what AR-15s did to those 19 children and two teachers in Uvalde, and that gun doesn’t belong in the hands of 18-year-olds unless they are active-duty military,” said Roland Gutierrez. “This is an issue that nearly 70% of Republicans agree with Democrats on, and we can’t get anything done on it because Ted Cruz and Republicans like him keep blocking us.”

Gutierrez met with State Representative Ana-Maria Ramos and Democratic activists in PLANO, where Gutierrez said that the number one threat facing the United States is attacks on democracy.

“Ted Cruz could fix the real problems that plague our state, like gun violence, immigration issues, women’s reproductive rights and getting more money to working families, but instead Cruz focuses on stoking the flames of fascism and appealing to a white Christian nationalist base. Because it’s easier for him than actually fixing the problems we are facing.”

Gutierrez hosted a campaign event in DALLAS, speaking with voters about the stakes of the 2024 elections before departing for an AFL-CIO meeting in HOUSTON.

“Texas needs a Senator who will fight like hell for our Democracy, because it’s on the line right now. If Donald Trump and Ted Cruz get their way, we can kiss it all goodbye,” said Gutierrez.

Gutierrez’s a 25 day, more than 4,500 mile drive across Texas that will take him to over a dozen cities and towns. Roland Gutierrez visited LAREDO, EAGLE PASS, DALLAS, PLANO and HOUSTON this week, and will continue to CORPUS CHRISTI before returning to HOUSTON.