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Republicans Showcase Chaos and Cruelty at the Border

For Immediate Release: January 3, 2023

TEXAS – Today, Roland Gutierrez, Border State Senator and U.S. Senate Candidate, issued a statement in response to a Republican Congressional Delegation visit to Eagle Pass, Texas in which conservatives are coming to witness the chaos that their hardline policies have caused at the border. State Senator of Eagle Pass and candidate for U.S. Senate Roland Gutierrez denounced the visit in a statement.

“Republicans don’t know what is happening at the border and they don’t care. They want to put on a field jacket and some sunglasses and play tough guy for a while, when real people are out here getting hurt and killed by their stunts at the border,” said Roland Gutierrez.

“What Republicans like Ted Cruz are supporting here at the border does nothing to keep us safe. They are drowning women and children in the deep waters of the Rio Grande and calling it ‘policy.’ Texas is tired of idiotic stunts and people are demanding real immigration reform. Republicans and Democrats need to get to work on these issues and listen to the real people who live and work on the border every day.

“We must incorporate the voices of Texans elected by border communities and immigration law experts if we want to pass common sense border and immigration policies that actually work. As the only candidate who has come out with a real plan to solve these issues, I’m going to make sure that we fix immigration in a right way that provides better pathways to citizenship and supercharges our economy.”

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