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Labor Debate will Define Candidates’ Commitment to Texas Workers

For Immediate Release: January 19, 2024

AUSTIN, TEXAS – U.S. Senate candidate and State Senator Roland Gutierrez will attend the AFL-CIO Democratic Primary Debate at the end of January.

“Texas workers deserve a senator that is going to fight for them in the United States Senate,” said Roland Gutierrez. “I’m proud to join the AFL-CIO for this important debate because we need to have a real discussion on the future of labor in this country as technology advances and the workforce changes. We need to make sure Texas workers get record pay for delivering record profits.”

“At the end of the day, it’s the hard-working people of Texas, not D.C. elites or big money, who are going to decide who is ready to defeat Senator Ted Cruz, and the first step to earning people’s trust and vote is showing up. I’ve accepted every major debate, and I will show up to every single one, because this year democracy is on the line, and accepting status quo politicians will not cut it anymore.”

Gutierrez is currently on a 4,500 mile tour of Texas, Roland Gutierrez has been barnstorming Texas since announcing his run in July, meeting with primary voters, engaging with local parties, unions, and progressive organizations, and talking about the issues that matter to Texans.

The AFL-CIO debate is scheduled for Sunday, January 28th at 2:00 PM at the DoubleTree Hotel Austin – 6505 N Interstate Hwy 35, Austin, TX 78752.