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Press Contact: Jorge Vasquez
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For Immediate Release: September 20, 2023

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX  –   Roland Gutierrez, Candidate for the U.S. Senate, spoke at the annual Tejano Democrats Convention in Corpus Christi on Saturday, following the conclusion on the Ken Paxton trial. Senator Gutierrez was the only democrat that voted to convict Texas Attorney General on all charges.

“We saw all of the evidence presented to us, and what we saw was crystal clear – Ken Paxton was bought off, coerced, and conspired to steal government resources to give one man confidential FBI information.” stated Roland Gutierrez

Roland Gutierrez spoke at the State Tejano Democrats Convention in Corpus Christi where he met with activists and Democratic leaders from all across Texas.

“Texans everywhere are in real pain. The people that represent us in Washington D.C. are neglecting our everyday needs. Ted Cruz will pull out the stops for his corrupt friends, but he can’t do a single thing to help the rest of us.”

Gutierrez with State Tejano Democrats members.

Ted Cruz is one of the most unpopular and vulnerable senators, narrowly escaping a general election defeat in 2018 where Cruz delivered the worst Republican general election performance since 1996. Cruz has a meager 34% favorability rating with Independent voters according to the latest UT Austin poll.
Gutierrez continues his campaign with a stop in Austin for TribFest on Saturday and El Paso on Sunday.