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U.S. Candidate Roland Gutierrez rallied with union workers, University students, and kicked off holiday season in McAllen

For Immediate Release: December 5, 2023

TEXAS – Roland Gutierrez’s U.S. Senate campaign recently stopped in Dallas, Austin, and kicked off the holiday season in McAllen.

U.S. Senate candidate Roland Gutierrez and Communications Workers of America District 6 Vice President Derrick Osobase
U.S. Senate candidate Roland Gutierrez and Communications Workers of America District 6 Vice President Derrick Osobase

Gutierrez spoke at the Communications Workers of America District 6 Conference in Dallas. As a member of the Texas State Employees Union, C.W.A. 6186, Gutierrez pledged to continue to fight for workers in the United States Senate. 

Roland Gutierrez speaks at the University of Texas Democrats endorsement forum

In Austin, Gutierrez joined a University of Texas forum, hosted by University Democrats, where U.S. Senate candidates were invited to answer questions about why they are running for the nomination to take on Ted Cruz.

“The system is rigged against young people today. We cannot expect young people to buy homes or cars or start families when they are being saddled with a mortgages’ worth of debt out of college. Especially not with entry level jobs that don’t even pay a living wage,” Senator Gutierrez stated.

“When I am the next U.S. Senator from Texas, we’re going to fight like hell to raise the minimum wage and provide a 100% tax credit to college graduates and make sure that we’re investing in our future in a real and meaningful way like every other country in this world does.”

Roland Gutierrez joined McAllen’s Holiday Parade this past Saturday

In McAllen, Gutierrez was invited to join tited to the 10th annual Holiday Parade by Mayor Javier Villalobos. Gutierrez was thanked for his hard work in the 88th Texas Legislature to curb gun violence after the May 24, 2022 massacre in Uvalde claimed the lives of 19 children and two teachers in Gutierrez’s district.

“I’m proud to join this celebration in the Rio Grande Valley, a place that I have worked in as an immigration attorney for many years, and have always held dear in my heart. Border communities are vibrant communities and amongst the safest places to live in America. This celebration is a reminder of those values. Thank you to Mayor Villalobos for inviting me to join the festivities,” said Roland Gutierrez. 

Roland Gutierrez will make stops in Austin, Dallas, Houston, the Rio Grande Valley, San Antonio, and West Texas in the month of December.