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ICYMI: Senator Roland Gutierrez Blasts Operation Lone Star as a Politically Motivated Waste of Taxpayer Funds, Highlighting Cruelty towards Immigrants

What Republicans are doing at the Border amounts to drowning women and children in the deep waters of the Rio Grande, nothing more.

For Immediate Release: August 23, 2023

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Senator Roland Gutierrez spoke at a press conference yesterday to encourage the Department of Justice to shut down Operation Lone Star, highlighting the failed operation as a politically motivated misappropriation of taxpayer funds and cruelty. The Senator’s scathing remarks shed light on the operation’s shortcomings and its cruelty towards immigrants.

Addressing a crowd of concerned citizens and media representatives, Senator Gutierrez minced no words about Republican leaders that have visited Texas in support of Operation Lone Star, like Ted Cruz and Monday’s gaggle of Republican governors. “They’re not serious people, because they have no idea what is truly happening here in Texas. Operation Lone Star has led to nothing but stunt after stunt,” declared Roland Gutierrez, going on to say that its endorsers “would rather torture people than to have an immigration solution.”

Gutierrez expanded on his point, underscoring the operation’s failure to fix issues and ability to create issues for the state of Texas. “We spent billions of dollars of taxpayer money on failed stunts. It started with stopping trucks along the border in search of fentanyl and migrants. It found zero fentanyl, zero migrants. But it did cost the Texas economy $9 billion,” said Gutierrez, adding later that “over the last 90 days, after the reimplementation of Title 8, border crossings have decreased by 60% under the Biden Administration” due to the repeal of the Trump-era Title 42.

The Senator emphasized the importance of understanding what is truly happening to migrants at the border. “This is inhumane, and hurting women and children… They need to understand that what they are doing is drowning women and children in the deep water, nothing more. That is not an immigration solution.”

Gutierrez’s press conference underscores his commitment to standing up against the wasteful, ineffective and cruel tactics of Operation Lone Star. Gutierrez reiterates his dedication to accountability, fiscal responsibility, and addressing the complex challenges faced by the state of Texas.