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Gutierrez: “A corrupt and broken system allowed Paxton to walk free”

For Immediate Release: September 18, 2023

AUSTIN, TEXAS – This weekend, the Republican Texas Senate acquitted indicted Attorney General Ken Paxton on all articles of impeachment. A bipartisan coalition voted to impeach but failed to reach the 21 votes necessary for impeachment and removal.  

Senator Gutierrez walked off the Senate floor during Dan Patrick’s speech and addressed the media immediately, calling Ken Paxton a “crook”.

In an interview with Yasmin Vossoughian, Gutierrez criticized the verdict as “political” and absolutely ridiculous.

Gutierrez continued to rail against Paxton, stating Sunday on MSNBC’s American Voices that he and Cruz were “everything thats wrong with Texas.”

Texas State Senator Roland Gutierrez voted to impeach Ken Paxton on Saturday, releasing the following statement: 

“A broken and corrupt system allowed Ken Paxton to abuse the powers of his office. Hard-right Republicans decided today that it’s okay to take bribes and lie to the public, as long as you are the Republican Attorney General of Texas. People elected to office are sworn to an oath to protect all the citizens under their charge, not their ultra wealthy, well-connected friends. Today, Texas Republicans decided that the corruption and lies of people like Ken Paxton and Ted Cruz are fine by them,” stated Senator Roland Gutierrez.

“Texas cannot take any more lies, scams, or neglect from Republican charlatans. Our system is broken by Republicans who are only paying lip service to our families while looking out for themselves.”

“This is the same cover up I saw in Uvalde, Texas is riddled with it. I am going to keep fighting corruption in the State of Texas. I’m mad as hell and I know plenty of Texans who feel that way too. I’m ready to get back out there and work to get our state back on the right track.”