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Roland Gutierrez on Puro Politics podcast cites Texas’ neglect for his decision to run

For Immediate Release: August 7, 2023

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – Senator Roland Gutierrez joined San Antonio Express-News’ podcast, Puro Politics, to talk about Uvalde, the humanitarian crisis at the border, gun safety legislation, and the case against Ted Cruz.

“Uvalde is not just a story of tragedy, it’s a story of government failure at every level. When you start to expand that, and look at the failure of how 800 people died when it got cold for five days in Texas, that’s extreme governmental failure,” said Senator Roland Gutierrez, “Everything you saw in Uvalde was neglect, and neglect is failure.”

The Republican neglect of Texas has resulted in a crumbling electrical grid, multiple mass shootings per year, and an economy where Texans are working full time but are struggling to make ends meet. Instead of fixing these things, Ted Cruz has focused his time and attention towards culture war topics like Barbie and Bud Light.

More from the San Antonio Express-News’ Puro Politics:

  • “I work in a place where bipartisanship doesn’t exist, in the Texas Capitol. That’s nonsense. I’m not going to sit here and settle for anybody’s scraps, because we as Texans deserve so much more than that.”
  • “We will have a conversation in certain counties in rural Texas and tell them how they’ve been getting screwed over from government; how you deserve much more.”
  • “We have to talk about our pain more. Uvalde was absolutely about pain, front-and-center. But I think all of us hurt. And it hurts when you can’t make the bills on time. All of us do okay at this table, most people don’t. And yet many of them have been bamboozled by Republicans on this notion that everything’s great in Texas.”