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Gutierrez exposes Gov. Abbott’s fabricated scam, pulling law enforcement from areas that actually need it.

For Immediate Release: October 31, 2023

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Today, Texas Senator Roland Gutierrez, issued a statement condemning Texas Republicans for harassment of local citizens and property owners at the Latino-majority community of Colony Ridge in Liberty County, TX.

The Texas Senate Committee on Local Government, at the request of Governor Abbott, heard testimony from DPS Director Steve McCraw, the Attorney General’s Office, Colony Ridge developer, and local law enforcement. Gutierrez and the questioning from Democratic Senators Sarah Eckhardt and Royce West revealed no public safety problems within Colony Ridge,  no known drug cartel operations, and no apparent unusual business practices. Gutierrez’s questioning  revealed that Governor Abbott has personally intervened to deploy state law enforcement resources seemingly at the whims of misinformation on X (Twitter).      

“Republicans are haranguing a quiet, safe community where hard-working people from all types of backgrounds co-exist peacefully. The fact that this is a threat to Republicans tells you all you need to know about where the heart of this party and its’ representatives are,” said Roland Gutierrez.

“Let’s be clear here – there’s nothing out of the ordinary about Colony Ridge. It is a community with lower crime rates than surrounding areas, that is being dog-piled on by the Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General’s Office because of a MAGA conspiracy theory. Republicans would rather take up a witch-hunt against this community than make Texans’ lives better in all these special sessions.” 

“There’s guns that are killing our children in schools, people who are feeling economic pain paying the bills, and women and children dying at the border on taxpayer funded stunts. Texas needs a fix to that, but Republicans caused those issues and benefit from the system being broken as it is.”

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