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Endorsements include the backing of State Representatives Oscar Longoria and Sergio Muñoz

For Immediate Release: September 26, 2023

TEXAS – Today, U.S. Senate Candidate Roland Gutierrez releases statewide endorsements from elected officials and community leaders across the state of Texas. 

“Ted Cruz has left Texans behind time and time again. He’s voted against investments, jobs, and common sense gun safety legislation,” said State Senator Roland Gutierrez.  “Texans need a Senator that is going to stand up and fight for them on the real issues. We need to restore women’s reproductive rights, get more money to working families, and fix our broken immigration system. I am proud to have earned the support of these leaders from all around Texas, and I hope to earn the support of their communities as we continue to talk to Texans.”

“Roland Gutierrez is the fighter we need in the U.S. Senate. Roland’s grit and leadership has made him a leading voice in our capitol, on preventing gun violence,” said Senate Democratic Caucus Chair and Houston State Senator Carol Alvarado. “After the Uvalde massacre, Roland fought side by side with the parents and families of the victims to uncover the failures in the state’s response to the shooting.”

“Ted Cruz hasn’t done a single thing for Uvalde. He continues to fail Texans by picking culture wars,” said Dallas State Representative Ana-María Ramos. “Roland has fought for Uvalde families and victims, something Ted Cruz has never done.” 

Roland Gutierrez is the only person I trust to stand up for Texas families tired of the neglect we suffer under Republican leadership,” said Houston State Representative Christina Morales. “Roland was there when the heartbroken families of Uvalde wanted someone to stand up for those children and teachers. Roland will not forget them or any Texas families in need.”

Today, Senator Roland Gutierrez released a list of endorsements from elected officials from across the state: