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Cruz and his political allies support chaos and carnage at the border for migrants and Border Patrol agents.

For Immediate Release: October 30, 2023

TEXAS – Today, Texas Senator Roland Gutierrez, candidate for the United States Senate, issued a statement condemning a temporary restraining order that halts federal removal of razor wire at the border installed as a part of Operation Lone Star. 

“This ruling is a mistake and will not hold up on appeal. The United States should be able to remove the razor wire at the border unimpeded. Barbed wire and endless litigation are not solutions to our immigration issues. Women and children are dying at the border. Every day this razor wire is up, our Border Patrol agents are in even more danger. Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott know and they just don’t care, because this is a political stunt and nothing else,” said Roland Gutierrez.

“Texans are sick of the political games. As an immigration lawyer and the representative of over 300 miles of Texas-Mexico border, I have a real solution to fix immigration and put our economy on steroids. If the good people of Texas choose to send me to Congress, the voices of border communities will have a seat at the table in a real way.”

Here is Roland Gutierrez’s five point plan to secure our borders and meet the needs of our economy:

  1. Stop drug cartels and human trafficking 
  2. Fix and streamline dysfunctional visa programs
  3. A pathway to normalcy for undocumented workers
  4. A new work program for arriving migrants
  5. Justice for DREAMers

Read Texas Senator Roland Gutierrez’ five point immigration and border security plan here.