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Senator Roland Gutierrez Demands Action and Accountability Following Seguin ISD Gun Incident

Loose gun laws are endangering our children.

For Immediate Release: August 23, 2023

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – Senator Roland Gutierrez has issued a call for action in the wake of the alarming incident that unfolded on a Seguin Independent School District bus. An elementary student was carrying a loaded gun when it discharged on the school bus. Miraculously, no injuries were reported. Gutierrez emphasized the unacceptable nature of the incident and warns that our children’s safety is at risk due to lax gun laws.

“This incident today within the Seguin Independent School District happened because loose gun laws sponsored by Republicans put a gun in this child’s hands,” Senator Roland Gutierrez declared. “The fact that our children’s lives continue to be endangered within the spaces that should be their sanctuaries of learning is a travesty perpetuated by Republicans who refuse to enact common sense gun safety solutions like raising the age to purchase a firearm or extreme risk orders.”

Gutierrez pulls no punches and lays the blame on the perils of loose gun laws. “Let’s be real clear here: the continuation of loose gun laws directly threatens our children’s safety. Incidents like this serve as a horrifying reminder that our lax approach to firearms is allowing tragedy to lurk over our educational institutions.”

The Senator insists on immediate action. “We cannot wait for the next tragedy, the next Uvalde or Santa Fe, to strike before we act. It’s high time we muster the political fortitude to get common sense gun safety passed and ensure that our schools are safe havens, free from the looming specter of gun violence.”

Gutierrez’s statement reflects his fierce commitment to protecting the lives of students and teachers in the wake of the Uvalde tragedy. In the 88th Legislative Session, Gutierrez demanded that lawmakers, communities, and parents come together to address the glaring inadequacies in gun regulations and ensure that children can pursue their education without the constant shadow of danger. The Republican-controlled Senate refused to hear any of Gutierrez’s bills.