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Candidate for U.S. Senate talks Uvalde tragedy, Abortion Rights, and Immigration Policy

For Immediate Release: September 26, 2023

AUSTIN, TEXAS – U.S. Senate candidate Roland Gutierrez was a featured panelist at the 2023 Texas Tribune Festival this past weekend. Moderated by Jim Henson, pollster and director of the Texas Politics Project, Gutierrez’s panel featured a discussion on Uvalde and gun violence, the economy, education, immigration, and abortion.

When asked about immigration issues, Gutierrez responded that he is “not an open borders candidate” and laid out his vision for fixing broken policies at the border: Pathways to citizenship for DREAMers and H2 workers, work visas via country of origin, and working with the Mexican government and U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency to eradicate trafficking.

“Imagine an immigration solution that looks like this: You take the 13 million undocumented that have been living here in America for 30 years and you give them a pathway to residency and citizenship. Because we should. Because they’ve been building America,” said Senator Roland Gutierrez.

Gutierrez provided solutions for reproductive rights and abortion access, stating that the current system is broken. Gutierrez advocated for the expansion of the Supreme Court and ending the filibuster to restore reproductive rights.

“We need to expand the Supreme Court of the United States. We need to have a Supreme Court that looks like America, not one that looks like the one percent of America. We need to have a Senator that says they’re not afraid to end the filibuster.”

In a question, Gutierrez touched on the neglect of Latinos in Texas and how he would address it in his campaign, stating, “We have to start talking to people about what matters most to them. The biggest issue is really our pocketbooks. It’s our jobs and our future, because Cruz is killing us that way too,” stated Gutierrez, “We will talk to Latinos across Texas about what life should be like, not to be satisfied with what it is.”

The full panel between Senator Roland Gutierrez and Jim Henson is available on YouTube.