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Gutierrez: “AR-15s should not be in the hands of civilians because of the carnage it inflicts.”

For Immediate Release: November 16, 2023

TEXAS – Today, The Washington Post published “Terror on Repeat: A rare look at the devastation caused by AR-15 shootings,” which includes graphic images and interviews from Uvalde, Sutherland Springs, and Allen, Texas. 

Texas State Senator Roland Gutierrez released the following statement:

“We must recommit to take action on gun violence. We are all witnesses to the terrifying devastation of what anyone can do with an AR-15. America should not avert its eyes any longer to the destruction caused by this weapon – loose Republican gun laws killed 19 children and 2 teachers in Uvalde, and across this country, beautiful lives are lost every single day. 

My heart is with the families of Uvalde and every surviving family of gun violence. The State of Texas has gone to massive lengths to cover up its abject failure in the response to the Robb Elementary shooting. Sadly, this is the first time Uvalde families are seeing these images, a full 18 months after the massacre. It is beyond insulting that state officials robbed these families of their dignity and ability to view these sensitive images in private, should they have chosen to do so.

We all have to open our eyes and commit to action. Gun violence is preventable. Every day, I see Uvalde families, surviving families, and communities across this state fight back in memory of their loved ones.  They are working towards a future that stops gun violence, and I stand with them. The alternative is horrifying – we do not accept a belief that gun violence is inevitable, and let the gun lobby rake in cash with impunity.

Republicans like Ted Cruz have scammed some Americans into believing that more guns mean less crime. Republicans push the notion that someone in the government is out there scheming to take your gun away. This big lie is all backed by the NRA, billionaires, and gun manufacturers. 

Here’s the truth. Americans, of all political stripes, believe that common-sense gun safety legislation must be enacted. Americans also agree that AR-15s should not be in the hands of civilians because of the carnage it inflicts. It is time for our lawmakers to stop the ruse and get to work. If I’m elected the next U.S. Senator of Texas, I am going to stop these weapons from invading our communities.”