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Gutierrez: “No Justice Without Accountability”

For Immediate Release: January 19, 2024

UVALDE, TEXAS – The Uvalde District Attorney’s office has summoned a grand jury to determine whether charges will be filed against law enforcement officials on-scene during the 77 minute catastrophic failure.

Uvalde State Senator and candidate for the United States Senate Roland Gutierrez said in a statement:

“There were 91 Department of Safety troopers on scene that day, who stood by and watched as children and teachers died, more in Austin who made the call to stand down.

“Yesterday’s D.O.J. report shows what we already know, the DPS response to Robb is a disgrace. This district attorney has not been any better, sitting on this investigation for two years and withholding justice and healing from this community, only taking action when the D.O.J. is in town. 

“It’s a tragedy and injustice that state authorities continue to walk free after they stood down while 19 children and two teachers died. We are going to keep fighting for accountability for these 21 angels.”