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Gutierrez Blasts Border Bill as Democrats Roll Over to the Hard-Right

TEXAS – U.S. Senate candidate and Border State Senator Roland Gutierrez lambasted the latest border bill produced by the United States Senate as a “slap in the face to Texans.”

“This so-called ‘deal’ fails to fix the fatal flaws in our broken immigration system, and was made in secret without the voices of Americans who live on the border at the table. This is not bipartisanship. Americans demand solutions, and true bipartisanship is an overhaul of our immigration system, not Democrats rolling over to the hard-right’s demands and dangerous invasion rhetoric,” said Roland Gutierrez in a statement

Gutierrez, whose five-point immigration plan would address the heavy burden of Texas’ broken border and provide pathways to citizenship for DREAMers, criticized Democrats for accepting measures in the border bill that would fuel chaos at the border, gut the asylum system, and endanger people.

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FILE PHOTO: Roland Gutierrez surveys the Texas-Mexico Border in Eagle Pass, Texas where 1000 feet of buoy and miles of razor wire have made a treacherous journey for immigrants much more deadly in the Border State Senator’s district.

“Democrats should not cower and buy into the rhetoric simply because they see a complex challenge during an election year. Texans deserve so much more than that. We have to bring order, and fix our broken immigration and asylum system. President Biden should federalize the national guard and take control away from these rogue governors on a power trip. Treating our border like a war zone does nothing to secure our country. It only hurts our economy and border residents.” 

Gutierrez has a message for Republicans holding U.S. foreign interests hostage for concessions at the border and Democrats betraying asylum seekers and DREAMers. 

“Let’s be clear, the world needs compassionate and steadfast American leadership,” said Senate hopeful Gutierrez. “This is a time for real solutions, not DC politics. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just trying to score some cheap political points.”

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