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Gutierrez: ‘Real border solutions come from stopping the gun industry from arming cartels.’

For Immediate Release: January 5, 2024

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson pledged to withhold funding towards U.S. allies in Ukraine without the inclusion of GOP border demands in H.R. 2 while on the Texas border this week. Candidate for the United States Senate Roland Gutierrez rebuked Republicans for holding U.S. allies hostage for stunts at the southern border.

“The aid going towards Ukraine is about protecting democracy, and when democracy is challenged anywhere in the world, that affects us all,” said Gutierrez, whose State Senate district contains over 300 miles of Texas-Mexico border.

“Real border security solutions involve stopping the gun industry from arming cartels south of the border. Only comprehensive immigration reform coupled with tough gun laws will keep our border safe. Anyone who is serious about security at our border will agree that disarming the cartels is tantamount to the safety of our border communities and our country, and these are the tools we need to do it.”

“Fixing the chaos caused by Republican extremists on the southern border must be solved, but make no mistake, it should not come at the cost of protecting democracy. It’s time to put an end to the made-for-TV stunts and finally focus on the voices of the leaders from our border communities.”

More than half a million American made guns end up in Mexico annually. Dozens of cartel gunrunning networks in the U.S. operated to fuel drug cartels South of the border. Gutierrez released a border security plan that would target ending human, drug, and gun smuggling on the Texas border.